faith fatigue

‘Faith fatigue’ is a term that was coined by dear friend to describe the feelings of blah-ness, frustration and anger when experiencing unanswered prayers. You pray and believe God heard you and you are quite excited to see the answers to your prayers but time passes and you start doubting if God heard you in the first place. Voices in your head start telling you that things will never change, doubt creeps in and you consider throwing in the towel.
My Sorella this is what I call Faith Fatigue!

I remember my last major ‘faith fatigue’ episode it was 7 years ago and after having a few bad spells in relationships, from Mr unavailable to Mr sexually-confused I was done with drama and I prayed to God to send me the man of my dreams. I was a good looking Christian girl or so I believed, I served in the church and did not have one night stands like some of my mates were doing :|, surely this was enough to make God send me a husband quickly…WRONG!! When months turned into years with no gentleman in sight I thought I was not praying hard enough, going to enough church meetings and the big one ‘there were no good men available’.

All these thoughts quickly became beliefs and I decided to throw in the towel, there was no point of putting myself through the emotional roller coaster of trusting God. At this point I made a few wrong choices and looking back I believe they delayed me meeting my husband. My husband and I found out later that we joined the church at the same time, we were meant to be in the same home group, were in the same place at the same time and were very close to meeting each other at least 2 years before we finally did!!

I have no regrets as I believe God worked everything out at the end but I if I could GO BACK IN TIME and change anything, I would make sure that I overcame my Faith Fatigue. As would have avoided the unnecessary heartbreaks, pain and loneliness that came as a result of the wrong choices I made.

I want to share 4 tips with you that I would share with myself 7 years ago if I had access to a time machine. (because time machines exist in my head)

GET A FAITH BUDDY- A faith buddy is that friend that will encourage and pick up you when you are are struggling in your faith journey. In the Bible God usually gave people someone to encourage them because life can get quite hard sometimes. Elijah had Elisha, Moses had Joshua, Joshua had a Caleb and Paul had Silas. A faith buddy will not throw you a pity party and make you feel sorry for yourself but will remind you of God’s goodness and speak truths to counter the lies the devil is whispering to you. Calling a faith buddy takes humility as most people tend to isolate themselves when they are feeling down and faith fatigued as they don’t want people to know they are struggling. The truth is faith journeys can be hard sometimes and having someone walk, stand and fight alongside you could make a huge difference with you either giving up or seeing your prayers answered.
REMEMBER YOUR PAST VICTORIES- Faith fatigue has a way of draining you emotionally, spiritually and physically.This happens because the devil gives you 10,000 reasons why God will not answer your prayers and selective amnesia to your past victories. Every believer has had a victory in an area or have had God bless them with an unexpected miracle at some point in their walk with God. Remembering and writing them down strengthens your faith reminds you of the numerous times God has come through even when we do not always understand.
DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE- I have found especially in my life that when I am frustrated with unanswered prayers, I tend to spend a lot of time thinking about my problem and how they will or will not get answered. THIS WILL DRAIN YOU! It is kinda like a pimple- the more you squeeze it the bigger it becomes. The best thing to do is leave it alone and focus on something else, I found that this makes the problem seem a lot smaller and I believe it touches God’s heart and who knows your prayers might even get answered while helping someone out.
KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE OK- I wish someone told me this 7 years ago, I could not see beyond my present problems and that led to taking some wrong turns. No matter how angry, frustrated and fatigued you feel today, just know that it will not last forever (1 Corinthians 4:17) because pain is only temporary and that you will have the last laugh. Why? Because God is good and he LOVES YOU way more than you think and your sins do not make a difference to the love he has for you.

Do you know that you could be 72hrs from getting an answer to your prayer? The battle is usually the toughest when you are closest to winning. I hope this encourages you and helps you to overcome your ‘Faith Fatigue’ and takes you a step closer to seeing your prayers answered.

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